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What can be reported 

ManpowerGroup has a clear code of conduct and practices in areas such as discrimination, anti-corruption, and fair working conditions. ManpowerGroup distances itself from all forms of harassment and offensive treatment. These behaviors are not accepted under any circumstances - everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Anyone experiencing discrimination, offensive treatment, bullying, or sexual harassment by an employee during work or in a recruitment situation should report it to their immediate supervisor or our HR department. Examples of incidents that may be reasonable to report through whistleblower channels include fraud, corruption, environmental damage, or deliberate legal violations. 

However, not everything that feels wrong in the workplace is a whistleblower matter. Personal dissatisfaction or complaints about, for example, a colleague's behavior, a supervisor's leadership, or other personnel matters should be handled through internal channels with the immediate supervisor or HR. 

Who can report? 

People who can report and are protected by the law include: employees, job seekers, temporary staff, employees of contractors, self-employed individuals seeking or performing assignments, volunteers, interns, as well as board members and others serving in a governing body. 

How to report 

Within our group, there are separate whistleblower channels that you can report to depending on which company you are or have been in contact with. Below is a matrix indicating which channel to use to report misconduct based on the company you are or have been in contact with. 


Company name 


ManpowerGroup AB 


Manpower AB  


Manpower Student AB 


Experis AB 


ManpowerGroup Solutions IT AB 


Manpower El & Tele AB 


ManpowerGroup Solutions AB 


ManpowerMatchning AB 



The person who wishes to report a misconduct can do so in writing, request to provide the information orally, or request a physical meeting. When you blow the whistle through the whistleblower channel, you will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your whistleblower report, and an investigation into the reported incident will then commence. Feedback will be provided during the investigation. 

You, as the whistleblower, have strong legal protection. 

The law provides protection against obstructive measures and reprisals, as well as immunity for breaching confidentiality. All reports of violations are taken extremely seriously and treated confidentially to protect individuals who, in good faith, blow the whistle on a potential violation. We do not tolerate reprisals against individuals who, in good faith, report an actual or suspected violation, as reprisal itself constitutes a violation of our ethics policy. 

The prohibition against reprisals also applies to individuals assisting the person making the whistleblower report. 


All companies within ManpowerGroup Sweden are obligated to retain written reports and documentation of whistleblower reports for as long as deemed necessary. However, this obligation extends for a maximum of two years after a case has been concluded, after which it should be deleted. '


International whistleblowing channel

There is also a international ManpowerGroup whistleblowing channel: ManpowerGroup Ethics Hotline